Since I feel like I haven’t been in the park for ages because of all the new snow (it’s actually only been about 3 or 4 days) , I figured I would head back to the park and try and hit the jump.

The weather was absolutely amazing yesterday and pretty much everything was perfect, except one thing. The jump had a kink in the take off, which for most probably didn’t bug them, but I could feel it every time I went to set a trick and I decided it was a little to sketchy for me to try anything serious off of the jump.

On the positive side of things I had a really good day on the rails and I am starting to feel pretty comfortable spinning switch right side onto down rails. I know they’re not the craziest trick ever but I have had a real mental block with spinning switch onto down rails. It’s all because when I was 16 I tried to learn switch tail 270 onto a rail while I was in New Zealand. I ended up catching my tail and falling directly onto my left knee on the rail shattering it in 30 or more pieces. So I guess I have a pretty good excuse as to why I was scared to do these tricks haha.

Looking at the weather forecast’s, it looks like another cold front is going to move through this weekend and bring more snow. Which ussually means the winds will pick up right before the storm. I am going to head up to Perisher now and try and get a little session in before the winds hit. Fingers crossed it’s ok!

Stay tuned,



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