Yesterday we woke up early, check the forecast and made it up the hill as fast as possible to meet up with some friends to go and shred. It had snowed another 25cm – 30cm the night before and it was a Monday, which meant good snow and no lift lines :)

The snow turned out to be unbelievably good. It was dry, deep and most things on the mountain have started to fill in so you can pretty much launch of anything you could find.

Laura and I waited for Ski Patrol to open MT. Perisher while our friends (and Laura’s sister Emma), Mikki, Brad, Zac and Mike went to ski until it opened. I am soooo glad Laura and I waited because once it opened we had the best turns I think I have ever had in Australia. For the rest of the morning Laura and I skied Eyre T-bar and it was amazing. I have to say it’s pretty damn epic having a girlfriend who rips as well as Laura does. There is no waiting, no complaining and she is willing to jump off most of the rocks with me!

At about 1.30 we met up with the others for Lunch and then went back to Eyre T-bar with them and skied right the way through until about 3:45 or 4pm. It was definitely the biggest day skiing I have had in a while but it was totally worth it!

Laura finish a pow run with probably the biggest smile in the world!

Laura dropping the rock like a boss in a white out

I was frothing all day yesterday. I felt like a little kid haha

A little 360 over another rock. There are so many fun hits out at Eyre

I found this hit but didn’t hit it until later in the afternoon and although I look like a kook in the air, I promise you I landed it haha

Heading back up the hill now to go and try to find a little more good snow! We are heading up with Laura’s other sister Amy and her husband Charles.

Stay tuned for more,


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