Skiing and Skating

Well I have really been trying to ski but with it being school holidays it just isn’t productive at all. I have had a few early morning sessions which were awesome as we had the park from 7 until 9 to ourselves, but then after that the crowds rock into Perisher it gets pretty slow. I guess its better to go up early and get a little bit of skiing done rather than no skiing at all.

Best way to get the day going is a Redbull and a Park to yourself :)

The 45ft jump Perisher has built is pretty damn fun!

My best attempt at being ”hyphy”. I don’t think it worked haha

I have also been skating a fair bit as well. I grew up skateboarding and I am super stoked on it right now. I have skated over the last 3 years but with how my knees have been I have taken it super easy. Now that my knees are good it feels epic to be able to skate at my best again! I guess also because its been so warm in Jindabyne (it feels like spring) it feels fitting to go for a skate in the afternoon :)

(Photos are actually from a day trip to Canberra for skating)

I did a mission to Canberra when the weather was bad up at Perisher to skate with Boen and Charlie. Belconnen is definitely my favourite skatepark ever!

Looks like we are meant to get some snow towards the end of this week! Fingers crossed because we definitely need it!



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