busy boy

Sorry for the lack of post’s on the blog but I have super super busy. I have been skiing as much as possible and also trying to to put a deck around the my trampoline and the combination of both is really tiring and I just haven’t had anything left in the tank by the time i get home and I find my self passing out and sleeping as much as possible.

Needless to say I have had some pretty good days on the mountain, yesterday especially. The park is mid way through a rebuild for the Mile High event which means not everything is finished and somethings have needed minor tweaks, but in saying that we still have been having a lot of fun! I’ve been skiing a bunch with all the Americans that are out here and also with all the Norwegians that are here! It’s fun having all these guys out here because it makes you want to push yourself and try things :)

The deck is coming along quite nicely as well. The frames are all built and we have most of the post holes dug. Its going to be pretty damn epic out at the trampoline once the deck is finished and spring rolls round!

Today I am finally having a day off from everything and letting my body rest. I am flying out to NZ on Sunday and I figure rather than trying to get another day or two of skiing, I’m probably better off to let my body rest before the competitions over there!

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