After what seemed like an eternity of shitty weather (it was only about a week haha) the storm finally cleared and yesterday was a picture perfect day with blue skies and no wind. I knew the park had been rebuilt as I had spent a little bit of time in the snow cats watching Charles Beckinsale and Brandon Dodds build.

Needless to say I was super excited driving up the hill yesterday. What no one knew though, was that the snowmaking team had made an extraordinaire amount of snow, directly on top of the park.  This meant the park was buried and it needed to be dug out. Dougie Graham did his best in the cat to push the snow out and reshape the jumps in time. I think he wrapped up at about 1230 or 1 and then the park opened, but then the winds started to picked up and it was super sketchy to jump.

The jumps themselves are super fun. Its starts with a 50ft true table then into a 55ft step down and finishes with a 60ft step over. Some might argue that the first and 2nd jump are two close. I will admit they’re close, but I (A) don’t think it is bad and (B) kind of like it like that. It gives you less room to miss judge your speed.

I left the mountain somewhat frustrated yesterday as I knew yesterday was going to be the only break in the weather. I know it was no ones fault but it just kind of sucks when you drive up the mountain, excited and amped to do some tricks, only to have everything working against you throughout the day! It looks like there is another cold front moving in over the mountains for the next week which means it is not going to be ideal for skiing!

I guess because it is shit weather up on the mountain I will just have to bounce on my tramp a lot more (weather permitting down here as well). I had a pretty good session on it yesterday afternoon with Dhanu Sherpa and I’m hoping to get a few more sessions like that this week.

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