The Gap

So the day before yesterday I had seen a gap in the park which I thought might be possible. It was absolutely huge but I still thought it was do-able. The only problem was that it wasn’t do-able during the day as the fence around the park was right in the landing.

I decided to head up the next day and do early morning training with the Winter Sports club at Perisher. Training starts at 7am so that means the fence line isn’t up yet. I figured out a line into the gap, did a few speed checks and then I just had to go for it. Probably one of the scarier gaps I have done but it was also super fun.

Check out the photo’s below:

I took off of the take off of the tube on the right hand side of this picture and transferred to the backside of the C rail. This was mid straight air while I was testing the gap.

This was the angle from below of the 360 I did. I landed on the sunny side of the C rail in this picture.

Super stoked I did the gap and got a few shots. Hopefully I can film a few clips on it in the near future.

Stay tuned,


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