The Jump line

Yesterday was the first time we able to hit the jump line up at Perisher and I think it is safe to say it is the best, the biggest and the safest it has ever been. The first jump is a 50ft true table stye jump so it is perfect for anything, the 2nd is a 55ft step down which is super fun to do set up tricks on, and the last, which in my opinion is the best, is a 65ft step over jump.

To tell you the truth, I have been stressing a little bit because of the up coming events and the lack of jumping I have been doing. Yesterday was exactly what I needed though. I got up there, got stuck into it and did a bunch of tricks I needed to do before I fly to NZ for the winter games. One trick in particular has always scared me for some stupid reason and its the switch dub 12. I know I have said this on here before but I have a mental block with the trick if I don’t do it for a while. Needless to say it worked out and I tried 2 and landed 2.Pretty stoked I could get a couple of those dialed in.

Riding the T-bar with Scotty James

Switch 5 truck on the first jump

Yours truly with a zero spin on the 2nd jump and Felix Usterud on the bottom jump

Testing out the bottom jump with a 360 earlier in the morning. This jump sends you to the moon ;)

Mid way through a cork 9 tail.

Today is going to be a big day. I woke up at 530 and I am dressed and ready to go up the hill. I am going to try and ride the park for 1h (from 7 until 8) and then I am doing the ”Ride with Russ” day again. I’m really looking forward to riding with all the kids and hopefully getting them more stoked on skiing than ever!

Stay tuned for more,


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