One Hit Wonder

So the AFP gold level One Hit Wonder is done and dusted and it was a super fun time. The jump this year was really good and the level of skiing showed that.

The comp format was a follows: the 20 riders were split into two heats for qualifying. We were given 2 runs with our best run counting and moving 5 of us from each heat through to finals. Once in finals we had a further two runs to try and put down the best trick we possibly could.

I was in heat two for qualifying and after watching heat one it was pretty apparent I was going to need to do a triple of I wanted to do well. The only thing I had working against me is the fact that I had stitches in my hand and every time I would try and grab mute it was pretty painful.

My first run of qualifying I did a dub 12 led tail and it was enough to have me in 5th and on the bubble coming into the 2nd run. 2nd run I went for the triple 14. I did one triple in training but completely missed my grab. I managed to stomp the triple but I got the grab a little later than I would have liked. But luckily it was enough to put me through to finals.

In finals I knew I had to do triples again and I knew I had to do them perfect. First run I did a triple 14 mute and landed it the best I probably could have. After first runs were complete I was sitting in 5th. I knew I had to try and step it up so in the 2nd run I did something I’d never done before. I landed a triple 14 mute to japan. Unfortunately my landing wasn’t as clean as I would of liked so I settled for my first run score and stayed in 5th.

Just to give you an idea of how hectic the top 5 runs were, I did a triple 14 mute for 5th, Woodsy did a triple 14 saftey for 4th, Jackson Wells did a triple 10 saftey for 3rd, Jesper Tjader did a switch triple 12 for 2nd and Oscar wester did a triple 16 saftey for 1st. As you can see it was a pretty hectic final and I was glad I landed the tricks I did and even learnt a knew grab variation in one of them.

Congrats to all the boys that competed and thanks for making it such a fun event.

Photo: Nick Hill

Photo: Nick Hill

Time to get ready and do some more skiing :)


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