Spring time fun

Right now is hands down the best time to ski Perisher. Obviously Pow days are epic fun, but there is just something about warm, slushy, spring park days riding with all your mates.

Since I have been back from NZ that’s pretty much what I have been doing. The park right now is unreal and to top it off all my mates are out here from different parts of the world skiing as well.

Fun times riding with Aleks Aurdal again. Photo: Jeremy Pancras

Aleks mid flat 5 bow and arrow

Yours truly mid cork 9 tail

Aleks getting the shot of me on the S-rail. Photo: Jeremy Pancras

Mid flat 5 on the first jump. Photo: Jeremy Pancras

I am starting to feel pretty beat up from all the skiing as of late. I have had some seriously long days where we started skiing at 9am and finished t 4pm. That’s a hell of a lot of laps in the park :) But I am learning a bunch of tricks and feeling really good on my skis so I guess its all worth it!

Time to get ready and go back up the hill for more!


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