Double Cork to Rail

Most of you would have probably seen the trick I managed to land at the end of the season up at Perisher, a double for 1170 to rail.

Its a trick that as been playing on my mind for a very long time now. I had always thought it was possible but I obviously had to wait until such a time that the set up would be perfect. I spoke with Perisher about mid way through the season to try and get this project to happen as I figured it was time to just try the trick. Eventually it was all locked in, Perisher was going to build the feature and the the shoot was happening.

I was super stressed in the lead up to the trick as I had absolutely no idea on how the trick would turn out. I had to keep putting the scary thoughts out of my head and focus on how I was going to make the trick happen.

What was giving me the most trouble was that I couldn’t decided if I wanted to do a dub 10 and shiffty my legs or under rotate a dub 12. I ended up going for the under rotated dub 12 and I’m glad I did because it worked out better than I could have imagined :)

Right now I am on a little summer vacation with Laura with limited internet access. I have another 8 days before heading back into the real world.

Stay tuned,


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