Dew Tour Semi Finals

Well today was definitely a tough one. I got to the mountain right on time for training and I think we got about 5 runs on the course before training was done and qualifiers were set to begin. I felt really good in training, got all my tricks and felt solid on my skis. The only down fall was that as training was going on theĀ  light was getting flatter and flatter, making it increasingly harder to see.

By the time it rolled around to my first run, the light was horrible which meant it was only going to make my job harder. I ended up putting everything to my feet (all by feel by the way because I couldn’t spot the landings) but came unstuck on the last jump. I under rotated the switch dub 10 slightly and slid out. I some how managed to tweak my knee a little as well and it was pretty painful.

I went back to the top to have it looked at and it turns out its fine but I have some pretty decent bone bruising on the outside of my knee. I figured I would try and do my 2nd run and try to push through the pain. This run was probably the most excruciating run I have ever done. It hurt hitting the rails, on the take offs of the jumps and landing any tricks. I ultimately couldn’t put it to my feet in the end which sucks.

Pretty bummed I was able to make it through to the finals but I am happy with how i have been skiing. I feel like I am skiing solid and I have my tricks sorted, its just a shame I couldn’t see the landings as well as I would have liked and went down on both runs.

Time to rest the knee for a few days and watch the other boys kill it. Unfortunately though the weather looks like its only going to get worse as the weekend approaches. I hope its decent weather for everyone on the weekend.

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