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Coast to Coast

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After a super long day flying from the east coast to the west coast, Laura and I finally made it to Whistler. It wasn’t all smooth sailing either. We flew Boston – Dallas – Vancouver and had a super tight connection in Dallas. Due to the fact our plane took off late in Boston, we… Read more »

Pick Your Battles

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As you may have seen from the results from the Dumont Cup, I finished in 23rd. My run consisted of a switch 540, a cork 720 and a right side 540. You may be wondering why I didn’t do any doubles? Well the simple answer is you need to know when to risk it and… Read more »

The Dumont Cup

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The last two days Laura and I have been chilling up here in Sunday River Maine for the Dumont Cup. The last two days we have had training and tomorrow is the big day. The first two days of training have been pretty average for me. The jumps are massive and the impact on the… Read more »

New York

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So things have been slightly busy since the finals wrapped up at the European open for Laura and I. The following day we traveled to Geneva, spent a night there and then jumped on a flight to New York. The flight over was stressful because we we showed up, the airline said we didn’t have… Read more »

European Open Finals

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Well the weather didn’t stay as nice as it had been over the course of the week. We woke up this morning to super flat light and as we were walking to the gondola the rain in the village started, which meant it was more than likely snowing up at the course. Training was horrible… Read more »