acl recovery


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Yesterday we woke up early, check the forecast and made it up the hill as fast as possible to meet up with some friends to go and shred. It had snowed another 25cm – 30cm the night before and it was a Monday, which meant good snow and no lift lines The snow turned out… Read more »


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2014 has been a year I will never forget. I’ve had dreams come true and things happened that I never in my wildest dreams thought would have happened to me. I think I would split my year in to two fazes: The Olympics and surgery/recovery. The Olympics I’d say the Olympics consumed my life for… Read more »

the last few days

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No much has really been happening here in Jindabyne over the last few days. I have been trying to sort out the smaller details for the trip i.e booking flights, looking into accommodation and also trying to figure out where to go over Christmas. I’ve also been trying to make some pretty hard decisions. I… Read more »


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This last Tuesday I had a full day of jumping in the park. I started off slow and took it relatively easy with the tricks I was doing. I did a lot of 360s and 540s but towards the end of the day I was doing switch 540s and even a couple of cork 7′s…. Read more »


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It has literally been puking over the last 24 hours here in Australia and it doesn’t seem like it is going to stop anytime soon. It snowed 50cm last night and by the time the storm passes later in the week, they are expecting up to 90cm of fresh snow. Feels good to know winter… Read more »