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After what seemed like an eternity of shitty weather (it was only about a week haha) the storm finally cleared and yesterday was a picture perfect day with blue skies and no wind. I knew the park had been rebuilt as I had spent a little bit of time in the snow cats watching Charles… Read more »

One Hit Wonder Invitation

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Just got my invite for the One Hit Wonder Down Under and I’m super stoked. I skipped the event last year to play it safe with my knees. I probably could have done it but at the same time it wasn’t worth risking it after have doubel ACL reconstructions! Here’s a little video from the… Read more »

Water Skiing

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Well I didn’t really go water skiing, but it definitely felt like it. My brother, Darren, had come down to Jindabyne from Canberra to go skiing with me. Unfortunately for us, it turned out to be one of the worst days imaginable. It was windy, cold, foggy and it was also raining. When we got… Read more »

Ride with an Olympian

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This Year Perisher in conjunction with the Rob Kneller Youth foundation are hosting a ride with an Olympian day on the 8th of August for under 18′s. You can choose to go boarding with Nate Johnstone or Skiing with myself. There is a morning session which is for Advanced riders and an afternoon session for… Read more »

Mikey Mendoza

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As you guys probably already know, I am a pretty big fan off skateboarding and the video below got me STOKED. My Redbull Australia team mate Mikey Mendoza just released his 2015 video part and it is unreal. Check the video out below and feel free to share it around because it is definitely worth… Read more »