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Since I feel like I haven’t been in the park for ages because of all the new snow (it’s actually only been about 3 or 4 days) , I figured I would head back to the park and try and hit the jump. The weather was absolutely amazing yesterday and pretty much everything was perfect,… Read more »


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Yesterday we woke up early, check the forecast and made it up the hill as fast as possible to meet up with some friends to go and shred. It had snowed another 25cm – 30cm the night before and it was a Monday, which meant good snow and no lift lines The snow turned out… Read more »


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Want to win the kit I use from Spyder? It’s easy, follow the link below and enter your details for your chance to win. Enter now> //Russ

Man on a mission

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So I have been on a mission as of late so I haven’t got many photo’s for the blog. I have however learn’t a bunch of tricks. I decided I wanted to learn all 16 270 on 270 off variations and since I made the decision to learn them all I have been on a… Read more »

Back in the Park

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While I was out shredding around the mountain having two super fun pow days, Perisher and the park crew were busy rebuilding the park into the craziest rail garden I have seen along with making the jump a solid 45 – 50ft. There are rails littered everywhere with so many lines to choose from it… Read more »