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So since being back I have been pretty busy. I have been skating a lot and believe it or not, I have even been up to Perisher and done my first day of skiing I am taking a little break at the moment and trying to workout and bounce on trampolines a little more than… Read more »


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I am currently sitting in Munich waiting for my flight. I am tired, sore but most of all I’m totally satisfied. This shoot was one for the books and I am so stoked I made the trip over here to be apart of it. The weather definitely didn’t help us in the beginning but we… Read more »

Hard work

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Well this shoot as been a lot of hard work. We have had to deal with mother nature a lot more than we probably would have liked but everything is slowly working out. We have had a few sessions and definitely got some decent shots. The weather so far just hasn’t been good enough for… Read more »


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Well since I have been in Europe, which has been a total of 3 days, the weather just hasn’t been cooperating at all. The first two days were just complete white outs on the mountain which made it near impossible to test the jumps. Yesterday, however, we did get slightly lucky and the sun was… Read more »


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Damn Austria is a long way from Jindabyne. Yesterday was one super long day of travel but everything went pretty damn smooth which always makes it nice. I flew Canberra – Melbourne – Dubai – Munich. I somehow managed to get 10 hours of sleep on the Melbourne – Munich leg of the flight which… Read more »