Let the travels begin

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Right now I am sitting in Canberra airport waiting for my first flight. I am on my way to Europe to film with the Legs of Steel at Stubai Glacier. Its going to be a long day of travel but I am super stoked to be heading back to Europe and to be filming again…. Read more »

The season isn’t over yet!

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Since the last post, I have spent a hell of a lot of time skateboarding, I’ve been to Queensland on a little beach holiday for my mum’s 50th and then I have also been organizing another trip. I knew there was a possibility of going back over to do some filming but I just didn’t… Read more »

Blog Holiday

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Well the title kind of says it all, since being home I decided to give myself a little blog holiday. Although I haven’t really stopped since being home so it hasn’t really felt like a Holiday! After getting back to Australia, I had two days at home and then I drove down to Melbourne. In… Read more »


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Sorry for taking so long to get a post back up on here. I have been having problems with my computer charger and haven’t been able to charge and use my computer. It’s all sorted now so expect it to be back up and running like normal! Anyway, the trip home was one of the… Read more »

JOI finals

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Well the weather gods didn’t seem to want to help us out at all yesterday. It definitely wasn’t as windy as the day before but the wind was still there and it was gusty rather than consistent. When we got to the venue we were all pretty excited to hit the big kicker finally but… Read more »