Well finally I am home. It was a super long trip and Im glad its over. It was awesome to get off the plane and see all my family.

Because I hit my head hard in Alaska I was getting headaches. My first night home my head starting throbing and it was the worst pain I have ever experienced. I went into the hospital and had it checked out. He wanted to get me to have a cat scan the next day to make sure there was no bleeding to the brain. Turns out there wasn’t any bleeding but my neck mucles had tightened and caused my headaches. It still hurts and Im sure its going to take a while to get better.

Anyway I am out. Going to eat some breakfast, then play playstation and hopefully if it doesnt rain Ill go skating. Stay tuned.


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Season is finished

First here is a quick recap of yesterday:

We had another session on the kicker in Alyeska. I wasn’t feeling so good as I had hit my head yesterday during the session. It was super bad and my neck had stiffened and I couldn’t move it. Skiing down to the kicker I did a little jump and got an instant headache. But I rested and waited and got into the session doing some mellow tricks and trying to secure as many shots as I could.

The film set up we had was knarley. We had the Redbull Helicopter doing follow Cams and then we also had a Cine-flex camera attatched to the back of a snow mobile. This is the camera that was used to make Travis Rice’s movie ”Thats It Thats All”. Travis was in town and came to hit our kicker and we shared the footage captured on the Cine-flex and in the Helicopter.

The Cine-Flex Camera Attatched to the sled

This camera means business

The Jump is huge

And now today’s blog:

Woke up at 6 this morning to get my shuttle and start my long journey back to Australia. The flight from Anchorage, seattle to L.A was super fast. I am now sitting in L.A waiting for my flight back home. In under 24 hours I will be home. Pretty crazy to think about this since I have been away for almost 5 months.

Leaving Alaska

I just want to thank everyone who has supported me and helped me do what I have done this season. All the competitions, filming and travel wouldn’t of happened without you guys. A special thanks goes to my sponsors Volkl, Redbull, Adidas Eyewear, Dalbello, Leki, Thredbo and Nick. Of course I also want to thank my Family and last but definately not least, Laura.

Cheers Guys and I will keep you updated on my down under adventures,


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Jump Session

Just had the most intense jump session of my life. Some of the things that went down on the kicker tonight were next level. Bobby, Gus and Richard killed it. All I can say because I dont want to let the tricks out in the open because MSP will be bummed, but Trips went down today……

Bobby is in town and he is killing it……

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First day on the hill here in Alaska. We went up to check out the kicker and I am super stoked on the location. A really good in run, a huge jump, a good out run and an awesome back drop. I dont think it can get much better than this. Lets hope the jump works well.

This is our backdrop. Pretty sick huh. Such an amazing place.

Just at the top of the resort in AK. NO big….

The crew……so far

Tomorrow we are heading up to test the jump and possibly start filming. We still need to do a bit of work on shapping the kicker but I think it will be done pretty quick and tomorrow will be sick.



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Denver – Alaska

What a mission. Richie and I both got lucky at the check in counter for Alaska Air and neither of us were charged over weight, and trust me my bags are super heavy.

First flight was from Denver to Seattle. It was a pretty mellow and easy flight. I ended up sitting next to an older lady and had a chat with her. She was really nice and was showing me different land marks that we were flying over.

Next Flight was from Seattle to Anchorage. This was quite possibly the worst flight I have ever had to endure. I was seated next to an older man who seemed to really like his booze. He was drinking shot after shot of whiskey and washing the shot’s down with Budweiser.

The man decided to start talking to me and it was rather amusing if I do say so myself. He was telling me how he had just been through his divorce and it was all because of alcohol. He was telling me how his kids can’t understand why he is drunk all the time and basically his whole family is pushing for him to stop drinking and smoking. ( He was still pounding drinks while telling me these things) He then looked at me and said ” F**k it, Im having fun right.” and proceeded to buy another round.

Getting off the plane was even more amusing. The unload ramp connecting the plane to the building was hilarious. He kept falling over and had to lean against the wall with one arm to keep walking. When he finally made it to the terminal I watched him disappear into another bar. This guy had some serious problems.

We finally made it to Aleyeska at about 9pm. The taxi ride from Anchorage to Aleyeska was pretty scenic. This is totally what I imagined Alaska to be.

Taxi ride from Anchorage. The mountains are sick huh….

Heading up the hill pretty soon to help shape the jump and get ready for the shoot. Its hopefully going to be huge and we will also hopefully get a lot of sun to shoot.

Stay tuned


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