Another day trying to film. It was super windy so not much happened but tomorrow’s forecast could be ok so hopefully we will get some shots.

Getting ready to go film

Gus is more stoked on skiing non stop that any other person I know

The kicker line. There is 2 more kicker’s down lower that are sick

Im off to bed. Pretty late and it looks like we are going to have an early start.


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Keystone – Denver

Had an epic session up at keystone today. I got a few tricks I am really happy with so hopefully the camera men got the shot ;)

After the session Richard and I packed our bags and headed straight for Denver. We went shopping and looked around which was pretty fun.

My new shoes I bought.

I have another full day of travel tomorrow. The MSP crew is heading to Alaska to session a private kicker with sick backdrops. I hope we get some more shots.


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New Website

So as you guys can see I have given my website a little upgrade. Pretty stoked on how it turned out but I would love your opinions about it as well.

Anyway, I am now in Keystone Colorado. It was a super crazy trip here. We went to bed at 1 and woke up at 3am (although I coudnt sleep) and then we went to the airport and were on a flight out of seattle at 5.45am. Slept on the plane for the 2 hours and then drove to Keystone and filmed the kicker line for about 4 hours or so.

I was super tired, as I only slept for 2 hours last night, but I did a few style tricks and managed to get a few shots. Pretty stoked because I wasn’t even planing on skiing because I was so tired. Richard Permin got a few shots but was also suffering from a lack of sleep but Gus ”Kenny G” Kenworthy killed it. He seems to not run out of energy. He did a lot of tricks and got a few shots.

Two more days of filming here and we have a few other features to film and then we are off to alaska to build a huge park kicker with sick backdrops. Going to be epic…..

(Forgot my camera today so Ill get onto the photography and upload some shots for your viewing pleaser)

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Haven’t been able to ski at all since I have been here. Everyday we wake up and it is sunny in Leavenworth and there are clouds just hanging over the mountains. Yesterday we decided we would go up and hope that it would clear but we weren’t lucky enough and so we sat in the mountain lodge for the whole day.

Last night we went out and to karaoke and partied a bit. It was super fun but I think I went home at just the right time because if I had of drank anything more the night would of had a turn for the worse. It was super fun and I’m pretty sure the whole pub hated gus, tiene, colby and I because we were choosing the worst songs and singing them super bad.

Just sitting at breakfast in town right now. Not sure what we are going to do today because it is shit weather again. Maybe we will go for a hot tub and then maybe play some golf.

Me and Richard at breakfast

Stay tuned


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As promised here is some photo’s from my trip.

Sitting in Stockholm

Flying in over Frankfurt

Laura just woke up

Laura and I

So yesterday and today the weather here has been pretty shit. Yesterday we went bowling and played some golf to pass the time. Today I’m not sure what we will do, maybe golf, maybe bowling or maybe just the internet.

Computer party


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