Joss day 7

Probably one of the longest days skiing I have ever had. We started sessioning the step over kicker at about 11.30 or 12 and then moved down to the JOI kicker and finished jumping at about 7.30 or 8.

Checking out shot’s

Some crazy stuff went down on the step over kicker. Justin dorey and Henrick Harlaut both did kangaroo 10′s, Alex Schlopy did dub 14, Tom Wallish and LJ strenio did switch right dub 10′s and both Andreas Hatveit and myself did right side dub cork 12′s.

Jossi wells, Cork 9 Blunt

Me, Mid dub 12

Follow cam of switch 3 blunt

Going to rest now. Probably have another huge day of skiing tomorrow.


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Hey guys,

Dont have much time to post a blog right now but I am on my way home to Australia. I have finished up shooting here in Alaska and I will update when I arrive in L.A.

Going to be a long flight here is my schedule:

Ancorage – Seattle

Seattle – LAX

LAX – Brisbane

Brisbane – Canberra

Then I have to drive another 3 hours to get home. But i am definatley stoked I am going home.

Stay tuned


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So since there has been a lack of skiing due to the weather, there has obviously been a boost in parties. Here are some happy snaps from the last few parties we have been to:

pk, Jossi and I

Laura and Jossi

The crew getting drinks

Jossi dancing up a storm

Josh Knox is to cool for the camera

Dhanu and I killing the dance floor

Our filmer Jake. Probably the best photo of the night.

Looks like the weather is clearing and Jon has announced a possible session on the step over jump on the top of the mountain. Hopefully we can jump and start getting some footage.



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Joss day 6

Mother nature finally came to the party here in sweden and gave us a nice blue bird afternoon. We were finally able to session the step over jump at the top of the mounatin. It is super sick although due to the lack of snow they werent able to build the landing as wide as most riders would of liked it. I still had an awesome time and think that some sick shit is going to happen on it.

Jossi gettin some

Unfortunatley Jossi’s and Dhanu’s sessions were cut short. Both have hurt their shoulders and were unable to keep skiing. Lets hope they are ok because I dont want to be a lone soldier for team down under.

Dhanu before he hurt his shoulder

Me shredding

Going to grab some food now and then probably party again. Should be good times.

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JOSS day 4/5

So due to bad weather not much has been happening here in Sweden. Tomorrow the weather is ment to clear up so hopefully we will get a kicker session or something happening.

Stay tuned


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