JOSS day 2/3

Sorry for not posting last night, I was working on some stuff for the edit. Anyway yesterday, as most of you know already from the various other updates from other bloggers and websites, we hit the JOI jump.
Not quite what I expected but I still had a fair bit of fun. First hit for me sucked though as I came up short and hurt my knee, but after that I did a few tricks so I hope the shots worked.

Jossi Switch 5

Mid double cork 10

Today there was a scheduled hip and rail garden session but the light didnt work in our favour and tomorrow the weather is ment to be bad. Team down under is going to try get some shots tonight and then possibly party.

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first day of JOSS

Just got done with the first day of JOSS and im pumped. Today Jon scheduled a session on the hip and in the redbull rail garden. First off was the rail garden. Jon decided to build a long box which in my opinion is pretty sick but for some reason it hated me. I probably hiked it like 50 times to get one trick. So so frustrating.

Dhanu ”Danger” Sherpa slidding up a storm

After the rail session we proceeded to session the hip. It was super scary but super fun at the same time because it was so intimidating.

Laura has got a little better at photography

Crusing to have some dinner now and to find out about tomorrows plan.


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Hey guys,

Sorry for the lack of posting, I have not had access to the internet the past few days. Basically I have been chilling at Jacob’s and skiing the park in Are. Its been warm, slushy and super fun.

Tomorrow is the first day of JOSS.

Stay tuned for some action of the hip.


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Frostgun Big Air

So after spending the last few days debating about weather and if the comp could run today, it luckily did. Which means I dont have to screw around changing flights.

Training for me was super shit. I did a straight air and knuckled so I went 5m higher. Then I did a cork 7 and knuckled so I went another 5 meters higher and tried a cork 7 again and knuckled. So I decided to stop practising and I was contemplating pulling out. Then when they annouced we had one last run I decided I would try a dub 10 just to see if it was possible because I wanted to compete.

Some how I landed the dub 10 and rode away so I then decided I would compete. Qualification was just 2 runs best run counts. I ended up winning qualification with a dub 10.

Then top 8 advanced to a head to head knockout format. It was kind of nerve racking because you only got one chance. I somehow managed to make it to the top 2 spot. I was standing at the top and Loic Callom Batton dropped and did a huge dub cork 12. It was up to me and I only had one attempt. Needless to say I was pretty nervous. I dropped and and did a dub 10 double mute. I stomped it and rode away super stoked. I ended up winning the event so Im pumped.

Warm up 720

The top 8

The mandatory crowd champagne spay

Got to run as I need to pack my bags because I am leaving at 6am tomorrow morning to fly to sweden to chill with Jacob and Sofia. Can’t wait to do some skiing in Sweden.


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