Spring time fun

Right now is hands down the best time to ski Perisher. Obviously Pow days are epic fun, but there is just something about warm, slushy, spring park days riding with all your mates.

Since I have been back from NZ that’s pretty much what I have been doing. The park right now is unreal and to top it off all my mates are out here from different parts of the world skiing as well.

Fun times riding with Aleks Aurdal again. Photo: Jeremy Pancras

Aleks mid flat 5 bow and arrow

Yours truly mid cork 9 tail

Aleks getting the shot of me on the S-rail. Photo: Jeremy Pancras

Mid flat 5 on the first jump. Photo: Jeremy Pancras

I am starting to feel pretty beat up from all the skiing as of late. I have had some seriously long days where we started skiing at 9am and finished t 4pm. That’s a hell of a lot of laps in the park :) But I am learning a bunch of tricks and feeling really good on my skis so I guess its all worth it!

Time to get ready and go back up the hill for more!


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Winter Games NZ

As some of you may know, the Winter Games just went down in Cardrona and I obviously made the trip across the ditch to compete in the event. Going into the event I was feeling pretty confident. I had been doing a lot of skiing at Perisher and felt pretty confident with the jumps I had been working on and the rail tricks I had learnt in the weeks leading up to the event.

I put a lot of pressure on myself for this event and really wanted to do well. The first run in Qualis I miscalculated a trick by the tiniest bit and crashed, and worst of all it was on the first rail in the course. I brushed it off and told myself I have another run and I can make it happen then.

On my 2nd run I made it to the bottom of the course and landed everything, with one major hiccup. I was doing right side dub 12 on the bottom jump and I ended up going huge and I had to open up and then ultimately revert (in order not to crash) on the landing. Reverting in a slope course during your run is virtually suicide and it was at that point I knew I had ballsed it and I wasn’t going to make it through to finals.

I guess I am more frustrated with myself than anything else. I have been working hard and really wanted to do well. I have to keep reminding myself that you cant be 100% everyday you ski and it just so happened that on this Day I definitely wasn’t on point and it just wasn’t meant to be. I’m definitely bummed but life goes on and I’m sure the remainder of the season is going to be fun.

Switch 5 tap on the wallride feature.

This has just fueled the fire for me to do more skiing and learn more tricks :) I changed my flight almost immediately and I am already back in Australia. I have Slvsh cup coming up and the One Hit Wonder coming up as well. Lets hope I ski to my potential at these events!

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New Zealand

So I’ve made it across the ditch to NZ and the last few days I have been slightly stressed as my luggage bag didn’t make it. Fortunately for me my luggage bag is on the next flight which is due to land in Queenstown at 10.15am, just in time for the first event.

Today is big air qualification and hopefully for me my gear will be here and I will be able to compete! Looking forward to the event but I am a little skeptical if it will happen as they are forecasting strong winds in the afternoon and the jump is quite exposed.The webcam isn’t looking to good right now either.

Im staying with Harry Pettit and his family here in Queenstown and the views from his house are AMAZING! Thanks for having me guys!

Time to get ready and head up the hill,

Stay tuned


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busy boy

Sorry for the lack of post’s on the blog but I have super super busy. I have been skiing as much as possible and also trying to to put a deck around the my trampoline and the combination of both is really tiring and I just haven’t had anything left in the tank by the time i get home and I find my self passing out and sleeping as much as possible.

Needless to say I have had some pretty good days on the mountain, yesterday especially. The park is mid way through a rebuild for the Mile High event which means not everything is finished and somethings have needed minor tweaks, but in saying that we still have been having a lot of fun! I’ve been skiing a bunch with all the Americans that are out here and also with all the Norwegians that are here! It’s fun having all these guys out here because it makes you want to push yourself and try things :)

The deck is coming along quite nicely as well. The frames are all built and we have most of the post holes dug. Its going to be pretty damn epic out at the trampoline once the deck is finished and spring rolls round!

Today I am finally having a day off from everything and letting my body rest. I am flying out to NZ on Sunday and I figure rather than trying to get another day or two of skiing, I’m probably better off to let my body rest before the competitions over there!

Over and out,


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Ride with Russ

The past Saturday ruled. The last 3 years I have been doing this event and each year, thanks to Perisher and the Rob Kneller Youth Foundation, the event just seems to get bigger and bigger.

This year we had quite a lot of kids sign up for the event. We had two different groups with an intermediate/advanced group in the morning and a beginner group in the afternoon.

I’m not sure who had more fun, the kids trying all the tricks and learning new things, or me? I enjoy doing this kind of stuff so much and find it really fulfilling being able to pass on some of the knowledge I have gained of my years as a professional skier. We had kids doing backflips, 360′s, sliding rails, hitting little cliffs and in everything they did, they all gave it 100% which for me was awesome to watch!

I just want to thank Perisher and the Rob Kneller Youth Foundation for helping make this event possible. I’m sure all the kids are super grateful for the help and for such a fun day! Thanks guys!

I can’t wait for the event next year!

Over and out,


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