Skiing and Skating

Well I have really been trying to ski but with it being school holidays it just isn’t productive at all. I have had a few early morning sessions which were awesome as we had the park from 7 until 9 to ourselves, but then after that the crowds rock into Perisher it gets pretty slow. I guess its better to go up early and get a little bit of skiing done rather than no skiing at all.

Best way to get the day going is a Redbull and a Park to yourself :)

The 45ft jump Perisher has built is pretty damn fun!

My best attempt at being ”hyphy”. I don’t think it worked haha

I have also been skating a fair bit as well. I grew up skateboarding and I am super stoked on it right now. I have skated over the last 3 years but with how my knees have been I have taken it super easy. Now that my knees are good it feels epic to be able to skate at my best again! I guess also because its been so warm in Jindabyne (it feels like spring) it feels fitting to go for a skate in the afternoon :)

(Photos are actually from a day trip to Canberra for skating)

I did a mission to Canberra when the weather was bad up at Perisher to skate with Boen and Charlie. Belconnen is definitely my favourite skatepark ever!

Looks like we are meant to get some snow towards the end of this week! Fingers crossed because we definitely need it!



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blog time and a new edit!

What’s been happening you might ask? Well the honest answer is not much. As you may have noticed I have been a little slack with the blog as I have found it hard to motivate myself to write anything as I have a few family issues going on. Needless to say I am back, and I am going to try my best to keep on top of it now.

So as some of you may know, the winter here in Australia hasn’t started out the greatest. Natural snowfall has been pretty much non-existent and the mountains aren’t looking the way they usually are at this time of year. Luckily for everyone, Perisher has state of the art snow making and they have done a fantastic job getting the mountain open and an awesome park up and running.

The park is top to bottom and it is actually really really fun. I think people are actually surprised how good it is considering how the season has panned out so far.

Getting my rail legs back

Perishers new battleship rail is epic

It still blows my mind they have managed to make enough snow to have a 40ft jump up there

Pretty stoked on my new Fat Cat roof racks from Yakima. Check them out at:

Here is a quick edit from a morning with Perisher Media. Filming and edit was by Finnegan Laver. Enjoy

Although I have been skiing a little bit, I have also been trying to take a little break. I have still be going up once or twice a week but I have decided it’s probably good for my body to rest a little as I have been skiing pretty much non-stop since June last year. To be honest I think I am already starting to feel a little better. I feel strong and all the little niggles I had are starting to disappear which is nice :)

The weather has finally started to come in and it looks like we might get a little bit of snow over the next few days. I am planning on taking tomorrow off as its school holidays and bad weather which means long lines and flat light. I think the plan is to head to Canberra and go on another skate adventure!

I will do my damn best to keep this blog up and running from now on!



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So since being back I have been pretty busy. I have been skating a lot and believe it or not, I have even been up to Perisher and done my first day of skiing :)

I am taking a little break at the moment and trying to workout and bounce on trampolines a little more than ski. Don’t get me wrong, I really want to go skiing but at the same time I know I need a little break as I have been skiing non-stop since June last year!

Here is a little clip from my first day at Perisher:

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I am currently sitting in Munich waiting for my flight. I am tired, sore but most of all I’m totally satisfied. This shoot was one for the books and I am so stoked I made the trip over here to be apart of it.

The weather definitely didn’t help us in the beginning but we managed to get two nice sunny days towards the end which made for a couple of unforgettable sessions. I’ve been lucky enough to see some of the shots the filmers got and they are absolutely mind blowing. I can’t wait to see the final product!

I just want to give a huge shout out to the Legs of Steel crew for organizing such a crazy and outrageous shoot. Also a huge shout out to all the skiers who absolutely crushed it! Thanks guys for the good times and the crazy shots we got together.

Here is a shot Pally Learmond took and it shows just how big and crazy the features were at the legs of steel shoot:

Now its time to fly home and jump right back into winter! Perisher opens the day I get home and I can’t wait to go ski with all my mates!

Time to fly,


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Hard work

Well this shoot as been a lot of hard work. We have had to deal with mother nature a lot more than we probably would have liked but everything is slowly working out. We have had a few sessions and definitely got some decent shots. The weather so far just hasn’t been good enough for some of the bigger tricks and bigger transfers, but it will all happen in time!

Right now the weather seems like it is going to be the best in the mornings, so I think some early mornings are on the cards in order to get shots. Hopefully it doesn’t get too cold over night causing the snow to freeze as that kind of defeats the purpose of a spring park shoot haha. Can’t wait to get up there over the next few days and try a few things out!

Starting the day off right. This is the weather we are greeted with every morning.

Fabio Studer jibbing the rainbow box

Getting the shot

Humans flying everywhere

Oscar chilling after the clouds rolled in and shut the shoot down

Fingers crossed mother nature decides to help us out because I really want to session this park,

Over and out,


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