WSI quali’s

Well surprise surprise, the weather gods must have figured out there was another slopestyle event on today and they decided to go with the theme of the season and not give us any sun for the event. It was so sketchy out there today and I am surprised they even ran the event with the way the weather was.

It was absolutely puking snow, it was gusty winds and the visibility was next to none. I was in heat two and I was the last to drop. I had spent training trying to figure out if I could do the run I had planned on, but I just couldn’t do it and before I had time to try and change it up and try and do another run, training was finished. Before my first run I was listening to music trying to put the negative thoughts out of my head. On one hand I was thinking of dropping out but on the other hand I didn’t want to do that.

I ended up doing my first run and completely change what I was doing. Half the tricks I did I hadn’t done, not only in training, but also not in the last week in the lead up to the event. I ended up getting a 66.92 for my efforts and it put me into 4th. They were taking top 5 to the finals and I just had to sit and wait to figure out if I needed to do another run or not.

It turned out that the score held up and I was in 5th after everyone else had dropped. I knew I had made it but I still wasn’t sure if they were planning on running finals or not. I went into the 2nd run with the intention of doing straight airs but something clicked on the in run to the first feature and I decided to try and do a run, merely for training since finals were scheduled to happen after the quali’s were done. I once again change my run up and I managed to land. It definitely wasn’t the cleanest run of my life but I am glad I landed and I bumped by score up by about 2 points.

Unknown hitting the first jump in the course. As you can see the weather was horrible

We also had to deal with the fog rolling in and out all day

At the bottom of the course I was surprised I made it and was still in one piece.

After the quali’s were done the decision was made to post pone the finals until tomorrow. The weather literally couldn’t get any worse so we are hoping it is better for tomorrow.

I came off of the hill with one question in my head and I can’t for the life of me figure it out: WHAT HAPPENED TO WEATHER DAYS AT EVENTS?


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WSI training

Well today was the first and only day of training and it was a beautiful day. The sun was out once again and the course is super fun. Training was pretty mellow for me today. I figured out my rail tricks and did them a few times and then figure out the bottom two jump tricks. I didn’t bother doing tricks on the top jump as the landing was rock solid and also due to the fact I have been hitting the jump all week and I have done the tricks I would like to do in the event already.

Unfortunately this is the last of the good weather. It looks like snow and wind tomorrow which is not the ideal timing for Whistler to finally be getting snow as tomorrow is qualifiers and finals for slopestyle here. I am in heat two which means I don’t start until 11.30am. Hopefully the weather isn’t too bad and we can get the event done.

Elias warming up on the bottom jump

Byron Wells mid cork 360

Bobby mid misty 450 off the cannon and over the butter pad

Stay tuned for more from tomorrow,


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Sunset fun

So yesterday was a pretty long day but it was definitely worth it. I got up the hill at around 10.30 in the morning and had a pretty decent goal as to what I wanted to do in the park for my run for the WSI. But as soon as I clipped in to my skis I realised I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to try and send tricks so I decided to take it easy. Luckily for me at the time I decided to take it easy, I got a message asking if I wanted to come back up for a sunset shoot later in the day. Of course I said yes because that meant sled laps on a super fun jump :)

So I took the remainder of the day off and chilled before the shoot. Lukily for my my head set changed when I got back up for the sunset shoot and I was able to work on a few tricks for the event. Super stoked on how the shoot went as well. Not only did I do the trick I wanted, but we also got a crazy sunset and I can only imagine we got some banger shot’s.

I just had a look at the forecast for the next few days and just like most of the other events this year, it looks like the weather is going to roll in just in time for both slope and big air. It looks like we are going to get a lot of snow and it could be quite windy. Definitely not want you want but there is nothing we can do except make the best of it. Hopefully it’s not too bad!

Over and out


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Another epic day

Yesterday was another epic day in the mountains. Its hard not to be epic when the sun is out, you’re skiing with friends and you have an amazing park.

We made it up the hill by about 10am and decided to do a few warm up laps ripping around the mountain before making our way to the park. Obviously I spend a lot of time in the park so it was actually kind of fun to go for a rip before heading straight back there.

Once in the park, TJ, Vinny, Charles and I pretty much went straight to the big line as the jumps in there are too much fun. As I mentioned in a previous post, the first jump is the best I have hit all season.

While I have been here, I have had a goal for a trick I wanted to do again before the World Tour Finals. I have done the trick before and most of the time it works out fine and I land it. But for some reason it really messes with me mentally. The trick is a switch dub 12. I managed to do 1 the other day before the clouds rolled in and did another one yesterday before we called it a day and went down. I’m not sure why I have such a mental block on this one. I think its because I think of the trick as a switch 7 to switch 5, but then when I do the trick it feels like a switch 180 to a dub 10. It’s a weird feeling and definitely challenging but I am stoked I did a couple before the event, and if all goes to plan, I’d love to put it into my slopestyle run here in Whistler.

Warming up on my favourite jump here in Whistler

Cork 5 tail selfie

TJ mid switch 7. Skiing with this guy again had been super fun. He was one of my biggest influences growing up

It’s another bluebird day here in Whistler but I think I am going to take the day off and rest. I don’t want to over do it, especially at this stage in the season when you are already feeling pretty tired both physically and mentally. So I think a day to rest before training and competing should do me good.

Over and out,


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Best jump of the season

So yesterday was a pretty slow day. I went up the hill pretty late with Tj Schiller, Ian Cosco, Vincent Gagnier and Alexi Godbout. It was pretty shitty weather so we were in no rush to get up there. We did a few laps and called it a day.

Today I went up the hill with Charles Beckinsale. The weather forecast said it was going bluebird and when we made our way up there it turned out to be pretty decent. There were a few clouds in the sky but the sun was still making appearances. I got to hit the newly built jumps in the big line, built by Charles, and I think the first jump is the best jump I’ve hit all season. I literally can’t fault the jump. There is absolutely no impact, an awesome amount of hang time and its super fun.

Unfortunately for us, we only got to hit it about 5 or 6 times and then the weather decided to do the complete opposite to what the forecast was saying. It started dumping snow and visibility was super shitty. So it turned out to be another short day on the hill. It was definitely fun while it lasted though!

Looking at the forecast it looks like it is going to be pretty sunny for the next week or so. Going off how the weather behaved today, you never know what you will get. Hopefully its good because I really want to go and hit this jump again :)

Over and out,


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