Another epic day

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I honestly thought it was going to be tough to have a day as good as I had had on Saturday, but yesterday turned out to be just as good, if not better. It was perfect bluebird weather, not a breath of wind and the jumps were groomed out perfectly. Tom, Oscar and I started… Read more »

best day yet

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Today was definitely the best day on the glacier that I have had since I have been here in Austria. As I mentioned the last few day I have been really jet lagged and tired and yesterday I was just having a really bad day, messing up on tricks I don’t usually mess up on…. Read more »

Pow and park

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Sorry for the lack of post’s. Since my last post, my computer charger decided to die and I have only just got a new one, which means now I can get back on top of my blogging. The last few days have been epic becauseI have been skiing a lot. I had a few more… Read more »

powder days

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It literally hasn’t stopped snowing since the last week so I have been a little preoccupied skiing. I have skied the last 8 days straight with only 1 day of park skiing in there and the rest being pow days shredding around the mountain. I don’t think I have ever seen it snow this much… Read more »

The Best News EVER!

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So yesterday I made the journey up to Sydney to visit my knee surgeon, for what I was hoping to be my final visit and to be given the all clear to go skiing again. Obviously my knees were feeling good and I knew I had worked my butt off and done everything I possibly… Read more »